Our Mission

Our mission is to travel North America in our RV and take in as much of it as we can.  To learn all about the places we visit and see how others live and have lived.

We want the kids to learn that you do not need to have a lot of materialistic items to be happy, but that all you really need is God and family. 

As of now, we have no plans to settle back down into a house anytime soon.   We are very happy with our home on wheels and would not trade this life for anything.

We are LivelyRV!

LivelyRV is Chloe, Don, Misty, Ethan, Ian, Avery, Courtney, and Tia.
Our Fleetwood Discovery 40G RV is just the right size for us to live comfortably in.  We do not miss our 3100 sq ft home that we left to live on the road.  The 430 sq ft we live in now is just right.

So far we have met every challenge, head-on, and made it through, stronger than before including having our latest child, Camilyn, born in the RV by the means of a water birth, which was one of the best experiences we have ever had.


  1. love your blog! thanks for taking the time to keep up with it ;) we have 5 kids( including a special needs child and a baby) so I understand that it's often hard to find time. I have a suggestion but don't know if it can be done. I would love to be able to see your posts by state also. Like what you did in each state. I thought maybe I could click on one of the colored states at the end of your posts and it would link me to stuff like that, but no luck. Just a thought! Blessings!

    1. To add an interactive map with each blog linked to each state is possible, but I just have not had time to set it up.

      I am always adding new things to the blog and trying to make it better and so will take your suggestion under strong consideration.

      I'm glad you like it and hope you got something out of it.

      I do wish I published them a little closer together, but will one day, when I have more time.

      Thanks for the comments.

      Don Lively

  2. Hi, Don and Misty,

    My husband and I will be in the northern Virginia area in October to visit family. We would like to know the name of the RV park you went to after Leaving Hamony Place.

    My brother-in-law (Steve) lives in Stafford, VA and we are having a hard time finding a nice RV park for our 40 ft Meridian for 14 days without spending a fortune and still being within a 20 to 25 mile radius of his home and Quantico Marine Corp Base. My husband is retired Navy (26 years) -- Steve retired Marine (25 years) and we would like to be located somewat conveniently to both.

    Thanks for your help


    Velma Gross

    1. Dear Velma,

      We moved from Harmony Place to Pohick Bay Regional Park ( http://www.nvrpa.org/park/pohick_bay/ ) and stayed there the rest of our time. Since it was during the off season, the park relaxed their 14 day rule and let us stay for over a month.

      For full hookups with 50 amp service it was around $325.00 a week or $650.00 for 14 days. RV parks in northern Virginia are not cheap. Pohick may also be too far from Quantico for you too.

      You may want to check with Fort Belvoir ( http://www.belvoirmwr.com/Facilities/ODR/travelcamp.php ), but they seem to be more expensive than Pohick. They were just finishing it when were were there, so it was not open then. We figured it would be cheaper since it is a military MWR park, but I guess not since the web site says they are $60.00 a night. It would not hurt to call and see though how much they charge a night.

      Just about anything in that area will be anywhere from $45.00 to $60.00 dollars a night for full hookup 50 amp service.

      Even though I have about every iPhone app for campgrounds, I like Allstays ( http://www.allstays.com/ ) and Good Sam's apps the best. Between the both of them I can usually find most of the campgrounds in the area.

      Sorry we could not be more help, but the three months we stayed in the DC area just about broke the bank for us due to the high cost of camping.

      There was a State Park or forest in Maryland that some of my friends used, I can not remember the name, but it was cheaper, but only 30 amp service.

      We love living fulltime in our RV, but the one thing I do not like, is having to find a new campground, for the best price, every 30 days or so.

      Best wishes in finding a place to stay.


  3. Hey!
    I just ran into your blog- and totally love it! I love to hear stories of big families who live on the road!

    We just started our own adventure, currently working at Amazon in Campbellsville too, (Green River State Park..)

    Where will your next stop be?

    1. Back to WV for Christmas and then south, probably to SC, GA, and then MS so we can fill in the entire southeast of our states visited map.

      We are glad you like the blog and hope you follow it and/or read it often.

      Just curious, but would you work at Amazon again in the future? Misty is still undecided at this point.


  4. So glad I found your blog! It was wonderful to meet you guys in Campbellsville!


    1. Kelsey,

      We are happy that we met you too! Everyone we met at Amazon who we became friends with, helped us make it through it.

      We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ours was great, especially since we did not have to work at Amazon any longer. It is a good job especially for the Campbellsville area, but not the type of job for us.

      We were on our way to Dallas, TX when our fan belt broke on the RV engine, so we are stranded in Little Rock, AR until I can get it fixed. No big deal though.

      God bless and keep in touch. Keep checking our blog on what we are up to also. I will probably blog about this break down too, so other know what types of issue we go through living on the road.

      Don & Misty