Friday, May 10, 2013

RV Storage Solutions

As you may be aware, when living in an RV, you are limited on how much storage space you have.  Probably, the best solution to this is to bring only what you need to live into the RV.  That is way easier said than done though.

Also there is a lot of wasted space in most RVs that is not utilized for storage or overlooked space.  Now, we are not experts and do not pretend to be, but we have made, what we like to think are improvements, to our storage situation.

Probably one of the easiest ways to make extra storage in your RV is to order 3M Command Strips organization products.  They make more than just picture frame hangers and hooks.

We like their Command Clear Medium Caddy to use around the stove for spices and such.  We do worry that they are maybe too close to the heat which may make them go stale quicker, but we hate to see all of the space go to waste.

Of course, we pack all of the spices into a box while traveling and then put them back out once we get parked.  We are afraid that the constant jolts will make them fall off the wall with the extra weight of the spices.

Command Clear Medium Caddy used as spice racks around our stove area.

They are also good to hold remote controls and anything else that will fit.  Now my bedside counter can be cluttered with items other than the remotes.

Command Clear Medium Caddy used as remote control holders in the master bedroom.

 Command Clear Medium Caddy used as remote controls holder for living room TV.

 Below is one we have on the refrigerator along with a small caddy we use to hold pens and pencils.

 Command Clear Medium Caddy used to hold pens and paper pads on our refrigerator.

Not only do they make the caddy in different sizes, but you can also get a phone charger caddy that works well.  We have ours at each end of the bed's headboard like a His' and Her's.  Now at night I can grab my phone quickly since I know exactly where it is.

Command Clear Phone Charger Caddy on Master bedroom headboard.

Of course the Command hooks are also great for hanging up coats or other items.  We have them all throughout the RV being used to hang up coats, towels, a hair dryer in the bathroom, oven mitts and pot holders in the kitchen, and anything else that will hang.

Command hooks used for towels in the bathroom.

Command hooks used in the bunk house for the kid's coats.

More hooks in the bunk house for coats and scarfs.

Command hooks for coats in the front of the RV.

Command hooks on the folding door between the bunk house and master bed room.

 Another thing our RV was missing was a lock on the sliding door between the bunk house and bathroom.  It seemed like anytime Misty or I wanted some privacy in the bathroom, one of the kids would wander in.

To solve this dilemma, I bought a patio door lock bar at Lowe's Home Improvement.  It was easy to mount and the door frame going into the master bedroom from the bathroom was just wide enough for it.

Patio door bar lock fit perfectly on our sliding door into the bathroom.

The below plastic clip was to be used to hold the bar in place once it is deployed in the down position, but I found that it also works well to hold the bar in its upward position, when not being used.

Using the bar clip to hold the lock bar in place when in the upward position.

The metal clip was to be inserted into the plastic clip, but will hold the bar in place perfectly without it.   Now we can keep everyone out when wanting some privacy in the bathroom.

Door lock bar in the downward position.

Door lock bar doing its job very well.

I could tell you a story about when a visiting family member was in the bathroom one day and the door was slid open by one of the kids, before we had a lock, but will not go into detail about it.  Needless to say, they have not used the bathroom in the RV since.

We also found some dresser draws that are very light and easy to put up when we move, that help give us more storage for the kids' clothes.  They not only work well for clothes but toys and any other miscellaneous items we do not want rolling around on the floors.

Three draw folding dressers we use for the kids' clothes.

They also provide some storage on their tops, which we take full advantage of.  We usually put Tupperware type containers full of socks and underwear on top so we can use the drawers more for regular clothes.

Dresser drawer being used for one of the boys' clothes with the removable top on.

Dresser drawer being used for one of the boys' clothes with the removable top off.

Just adding the caddies, drawers, and hooks have made a big improvement on our storage needs and keep items in a spot where we can easily find them.  So far we have had only a couple of them fall and with using a heavier rated 3M Command strip, that problem was solved.

We love our compact, mobile lifestyle and do not miss our 3100 square foot house at all.

Not everyone can downsize their life and live the way we do, but it is the life for us and we find it much simpler and easier.  Plus when we figure out how to squeeze more space out of the RV, it just makes it that much better.

May God watch over you and keep you blessed!

Don, Misty, and Kids...