Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Sponsor

We now have a new sponsor who I think will help us to reach new levels of sponsorship. 

Actually they are not only new, but our first sponsors.  We have not had any sponsors prior to them.  

They are a low budget film company, but we think they have great potential and you may want to find them on the stock market and invest.  If you do not see them on the stock market then just send us the money and we will make sure they get it.  (That's a joke, so please do not send any money!)

This blog is to introduce you to them and their content.  Future blogs will also include their latest trailers and highlights.  This content will only be available on our blog.

We hope you enjoy our new sponsor as much as we do.  We are in contract negotiations with other like sponsors, so hopefully will be able to offer much more content.

If you cannot see the above video link then click here to watch it on YouTube.

If you like our new sponsor, please leave a comment.

God bless!

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