Friday, May 17, 2013

One of Those Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you thought couldn't get any worse, but does?  Well we have and hope it does not continue. 

Actually, it was spread out over a couple of weeks, but who's counting?  I guess it all started while we were back home near Charleston, West Virginia.  We were at the Charleston Town Center Mall shopping for clothes.

While Misty was shopping in a certain store, that I will leave nameless, the kids and I were killing time.  Some of the kids decided to dance in the store front while people waked by and looked.

 Tia posing in the store window.

 Avery, Ian, & Tia in the window
After a while one of the store employees chased them out saying that they could not be in the window, which is totally understandable.  Meanwhile Misty was trying on clothes in the changing room.

So me and the kids wandered over there to wait on Misty.  I was standing in front of Misty's changing booth, with the kids standing next to me in front of the neighboring changing booth,  and I was hidden from others, from certain angles, by a support post.

One of the employees came over and wanted in the changing booth the kids were standing in front of and rather than asking them to move, nicely, he barked something like, "Get out of the way kids!"  or something like that.

I stepped out from behind the post and firmly asked him not yell at my kids, especially since they were not doing anything wrong.  He quickly apologized, but I guess I was still upset, more than I thought, over them chasing the kids out of the window, so went up to the manager, or who I thought was a manager, and told her I was not happy about her associate yelling at my kids.

I also mentioned that they were not hurting anything standing in the window dancing and was told that it was just store policy.  So I told her it was my policy not to buy anything from a store where the employees yell at my kids for no reason.  Not the window issue, but the changing booth issue.

Misty was not too happy when I grabbed everything she was trying on, took them up to the manager, or who I thought was a manager, and said, "Here you go, we're not buying anything now."

Just so you know, I did not make too big of a scene and did not yell at all.  And yes, it was petty on my part, but it did feel good to dump a good amount of items on the counter in protest just knowing they would not be getting any of our money that day.  

And yes, I know that the employees probably thought I was a jerk and really could care less, but I'm not thinking too much about that.  I'm thinking more on the lines that I vindicated my kids for their unjust treatment.

Also while we were in, we took the kids to the eye doctor and had to get Ethan and Courtney new glasses.  So we had to not only pay for the eye exams, but two new sets of glasses.

The following week we took Tia and Ian to the eye doctor and Ian also needed glasses, so back to Vision Works for another pair of glasses.  We broke it up a couple of weeks so we would not have to spend all of the money the same week.  But we still had to pay.

Ian sporting his new pair of glasses.
On a good note, a couple days later, the kids did get to meet Kaitlyn, the WWE Diva Champion while we were at the mall, which was neat!  We had her make her autograph out to LivelyRV.

Ethan, Tia, Kaitlyn, Courtney, Ian, and Avery at the Charleston Town Center Mall.

A few days later after making it to North Carolina, our passenger cargo area window on the Yukon got busted somehow.  We do not think it was done on purpose, but by accident.  We suspect Avery had a hand in it, but can not prove it one way or another, so will just let it go.  We didn't need the $300.00 deductible anyway. (Right!)

Broken window on the Yukon.
Broken Yukon window from the inside.

Luckly we called USAA, who we have our insurance through, and they had Safelite come out and fix it the very next day.

The technician who came out used to sell RV's, so we had a lot to talk about, and he also put us onto an organic Farmer's Market to hit this upcoming weekend.

Yukon with broken window removed and caulk cut away.

Replacement glass for Yukon.

Window opening re-caulked ready for new pane of glass.
Fixed glass making Yukon as good as new.

We may never know how it got broken in the first place, but at least it is fixed now and we hope it does not get broken out anytime soon or ever again.

Another good thing that happened is that we finally received our LivelyRV Geocoins that we ordered a while back from Oakcoins for Geocaching.  We have gotten away from Geocaching for a while, but are starting to pick it back up.
LivelyRV Geocoin.
We ordered fifty of them so we can place one in each state while we travel America.  Each one has its own tracking number so we know which one is which and so they can be tracked between geocaches.

Each geocoin has its own homepage that has what its goal is and its history.  So far we have only registered the ones for North Carolina and West Virginia.  We will register the rest as we get into each new state.
So, maybe it was not as bad as we thought and some good things did happen too.  That is usually the case, but sometimes we just look at the bad and do not appreciate the good.  

God is good and has blessed us in many ways to include saving us from our sins by giving us his son, Jesus.  So why are we not happy all of the time?  Human nature I guess or just the devil in us.  May God help us to do what's right and to appreciate all that he has given us.

Until next time, God bless!

Don, Misty, and Kids...