Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baytown Texas

Front view out of the RV with Courtney doing a cartwheel.

Today we left Houston for Baytown Texas and are staying at the Galveston Bay KOA RV Resort.  As you can see we have a spot right on the water which is very nice.  We were told that the sun will rise to our left over the water, which could make for a beautiful view to enjoy in the morning.

The kids are having a good time just playing in the yard and will have a better time once we take them to the pool to swim.  There is also a very nice playground that the kids will love too.

I'm looking forward to the hottub next to the pool for my relaxation.  I love hottubs so much that Misty bought me one for Christmas this past year and of course the house sold the very next month!  I like to think it helped in selling the house, so I can justify the cost.

While we were in Houston we missed our chance to visit the Downtown Aquarium, but will drive back there this weekend to check it out.  It is only thirty three miles away, so not too far away.

We will also make it back down to Galveston Island while we are here to check out some more of its attractions and play on the beach.  I want to try my new metal detector I also got for Christmas this year and see if I can find some lost treasure on the beach.

As you can see from the kids' picture below, there is a nice wind coming off of the bay which feels very nice compared to the 90 degree plus temperature.

 Courtney, Ethan, Tia, Avery, & Ian enjoying the brisk breeze off the bay.

The RV resort also has a 500 foot lighted fishing pier which we probably will not fish from since I do not feel like buying a fishing license here, but you never know.  I do plan on doing some fishing while on our adventure, but will probably wait until we are staying somewhere for a longer amount of time.

 Shot of the RV from the fishing pier out in the bay.

Fishing pier lit up at night.

We will be here until next Thursday or Friday and then head to Louisiana for a couple of days on our way to Montgomery Alabama where we will be until around the 3rd or 4th of July, Tia's birthday.  After that, our future is a little cloudy as we are not sure where we will end up!

That is one thing you need to do is plan your stays out way in advance, especially in the summer months since all the RV parks seem to be booked solid due to everyone being on vacation.  It seems one or two night stays are not too hard to get, but weeks or longer require prior reservations.

Most Wal-Marts and other major stores will let you stay in their parking lots for free, but RV etiquette dictates that you do not put your jacks down, slides out, or run your generator, so it makes for an uncomfortable stay, even though it is free.

I'm sure we will get better at the planning and scheduling of our RV spots after we are on the road for some time.  Another source of invaluable information for RV parks and such are the other campers around us, who have been doing this for a while.  

Just yesterday I met a gentleman who, with his wife and four children, travels over 100 days a year in their RV.  He was also very helpful in giving me some good information on some RV parks.  I hope to hook up with them again later on this summer so the kids can play together.

I hope you are finding our posts interesting and keep us in your prayers.  We are truly blessed to be able to take this adventure and thank God that he has allowed us to do so.  

Don & Misty (She helped!)

    Home is where the slides are out!

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