Saturday, July 14, 2012

Avery's Haircut

Well we finally decided that it was time to cut Avery's hair.  

Actually Misty was giving Ethan, Ian, and myself a haircut and Avery said that he wanted one too, so she gave him one.

I wanted to put some before and after pictures on the blog so that we would have it documented for memory's sake.
Avery getting ready for his hair cut.
We had some mixed feelings about cutting off Avery's long hair, but it has become a pain to brush and he has also been asking that it be cut off for over a month now.

Back view of Avery's hair.
Misty put it in a ponytail so that we could save and have it for sentimental purposes.

Avery's hair in a ponytail.
Here we are at the point of no return.  No turning back now.

First cut of Avery's hair.
Hopefully now, he will not be mistaken for a little girl.

Even though the picture below looks like Avery is having second thoughts, he is not.   That was just the best picture, out of all I took, of him after his hair was cut.

What have I done!  No, just kidding.
Well, it is finally done and we all survived it.  Avery is very happy with his new hairdo and we are happy that we now have another little boy. 

Back view of Avery's new hairdo.
Thanks for reading our blog and God bless.

Don, Misty, and Kids.

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