Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kountry Air

Kountry Air RV Park Entrance.
While working in Montgomery, AL we stayed at the Kountry Air RV Park located in Pratville, AL which is owned by Gigi and Don who are some of the friendliest people you could ever want to meet.

Their park is very laid back and easy to relax in while Don and Gigi will do just about anything, within reason, to make your stay there as pleasant as possible.

We enjoyed their company so much, we invited them over twice for dinner and enjoyed good food, along with some of Gigi's homemade ice cream, and conversation.  

Gigi also helped entertain the kids by driving them around the park in her work cart and buying them a water sprinkler to play in and to help with the heat.

Kids enjoying their buggy ride.
We could not have had better hosts and so far they have been the best campground hosts that we have encountered on our adventure.

Courtney, Chloe, Tia, Avery, Gigi, Don, Ethan, & Ian.
After the work was finished in Alabama, we wanted to get back to Poche' Plantation in Convent Louisiana to take in some more plantation tours and visit Baton Rouge and New Orleans, so loaded up the RV and headed back west.

Discovery 40G ready to hit the road.
During our stay at Kountry Air I also ordered an electric Weber Q grill which I'm starting to like better and better the more I use it.  I can use wood chips with it to produce a good smoke flavor and it is much easier to use than a charcoal grill.  I would have went with gas, but to take advantage of the LP gas on the RV I would need one that could be used with both bottled and natural gas and they are harder to find.
Weber Q electric grill.
Even though there are more plantations in Louisiana than you can shake a stick at, the four below are ones we have or will have visited during our stay at Poche' Plantation.

Plantation Parade On The Great River Road.
So far we have been to the Houmas House, Laura, and Oak Alley.  We plan on visiting San Francisco either this Sunday or the following weekend.

There are still many other attractions in Louisiana to visit such as the Saint Joseph Plantation along with sights in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

In order to save time and get a post out to everyone I'm going to stop here tonight, but promise to post our plantation visits on-line in the near future.

We are also praying that the power is restored everywhere and thank God no family or friends where injured during the storms that went through West Virginia and neighboring states last week. 

I did see on Facebook where one of our friends was bitten by a copperhead while cleaning up after the storm and so will be praying that they have a full recovery.  I think they will be OK though, since they are good country folk and know how to take care of themselves.

It should not be too awful long until I post some plantation visits, so please keep an eye out for them.

Thanks and God bless!

Don & Misty Lively with Kids.

Home is where the slides are out!

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  1. We have certainly had our share of bad storms. Our power came back on tuesday. Coming home from Clifty today we were in a terrible storm. If I didn't drive the type of vehicle I own we would have been in trouble. There was a foot or more of water on the road many places on Rt. 60. Trees and other debris was everywhere. Even in Charleston on Kanawha Blvd. the water was high. Cars could not go thru it. Today is to be the last of the storms. I hope. Lively reunion was really good. One of the best ones I have been to. We told them to look at your blog.
    Love you guys.