Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home For A Visit

This week we went back to West Virginia to take care of some personal business and visit family and friends.

It was a pretty easy drive down from Indiana with Misty doing half of it.  She is getting very comfortable with driving the RV and does a fine job.  I appreciate it especially since I can then set in the passenger seat and work or play on the computer.
Misty driving the RV.
I do not know why, but days we are traveling and I'm getting actual work done, while riding down the road, gives me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  I'm weird, I guess, or just a true geek.

One of the main reasons for coming home was to see our granddaughter Braelynn, who was born on 23 Oct 2012 to my son William and his wife Meghan.

Last night Will came over with Braelynn to visit and have dinner with us at my brother Bill's house.  Meghan could not come due to committing to a previous engagement.
Will and Braelynn at Uncle Bill's.
 As you can tell, he is a proud father and has a beautiful baby girl to be delighted over.  Braelynn also makes Misty and me grandparents too, which is OK, even though we do not feel like we are old enough to be grandparents yet.  Especially Misty since I'm fifteen years her senior!  
Braelynn sleeping in her daddy's arms.
Another important reasons to be back in town was for our five older children to receive awards for completing the first section of Basic Bible Skills (BBS).

BBS is a bible study curriculum that teaches kids the books of the bible, the divisions the books belong in, and how to find scriptures in the bible.

We were lucky enough to have the author, Mrs. Don-Ann Wheeler,  become a member of our church and get introduced to her bible study course.
Avery accepting his BBS award.
Ian accepting his BBS award.
Tia accepting her BBS award.
Courtney accepting her BBS award.
Ethan not only received a certificate for completing the Old Testament portion of BBS but also a medal for having the most points awarded for the course.  

Mrs. Don-Ann said that in her entire time of teaching the course, no one had ever attained the amount of points Ethan did which was 23,527.  Considering there were older kids in the class, Ethan really did well for himself.

Ethan accepting his award and medal for BBS.
When we hit the road last spring, we started to video conference with Mrs. Don-Ann on a weekly basis so the kids could keep up their studies with BBS and stay in contact with her too.  If for some reason we did not have the wi-fi to do a video conference, the kids would just do the review over the phone.  So far it has worked out very well.

One other item I would like to mention is that LivelyRV found their  first First to Find (FTF) Geocaching this past week, which we hope happens more often.  A FTF is what it states, first to find a new cache that had just been put out.  

It was hidden on Saturday morning around 7:15AM and we were the first to sign the log around 8:30AM.  As my brother likes to say, "Man, what a rush!"  You know I had to get something about Geocaching into the blog.

Until next time, God bless!


Don, Misty & Kids


  1. How long are you here? We must have missed the news. For once Joe was off last night and all day today. Too bad we couldn't connect.
    I hope to see the baby soon. Maybe this week. She is beautiful! Will and Meghan look like old pros. But then again Will has had lots of experience.
    Congratulations to Ethan. What a job good job!

  2. No big deal. I thought we put it out, but I guess we did not put specific dates. We wanted to try and see everyone, but had so much to do with doctor visits, getting maintenance on the Yukon to include new tires, and getting new driver license, we just ran out of time. It looks like we are going to have to be in Arlington, VA come Jan and if so, we will be in for Christmas, since it is only six hours away.