Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No More Trailer Parks

As I have mentioned a couple times before, we had to come to VA for my job, to provide on-site support for a month or so.

When we first arrived we stayed at Harmony Place Trailer Park in Alexandria, VA.  It was a tight, typical trailer park with narrow roads which were not only used by the trailer park occupants, but by individuals from a neighboring apartment complex as well.
Google Map View Of Harmony Place Trailer Park
It did not offer the friendly RV Park atmosphere that we are used to and like.  That is not to say that the neighbors were not friendly, because they were, but with everyone walking in front of the RV all day and night, it just did not feel safe.

One morning while I was at work and everyone else was still sleeping in the RV, Ethan was woke up by someone trying to open the front door.  Thinking it was me coming back for something, he ran over to the door, opened the curtains, and saw a strange man walking away from the door.

This was when we decided to move to a RV park and get the heck out of the trailer park.  Who knows what the man wanted or his intentions and it still scares me to think, what would have happened if I would not have locked the door that morning?

So we slid in the slides, pulled up the jacks, unhooked the lines, and drove to a local RV park not too far away.
The LivelyRV Crew minus Misty (Mom).
The LivelyRV Crew minus Don (Dad).
The park we moved to is close and has plenty of trails to hike and places to ride our bikes.  Today we went for a short walk and let the kids play on the playground some, just before the sun was ready to set.
Tia in the rings.
Ian and Avery on the chain ladder.
Avery, with is big blue eyes, climbing the screw while Misty watches.
Misty showing Ethan how to do leg lifts.  Ethan not paying attention to Mom doing leg lifts.
Avery and Mom looking through the rings.
Ethan saying that he is an owl?????
Tia gets ready.
Tia gets set.
Tia goes!  (No teeth were lost while taking this picture.)
Courtney showing off her climbing skills.
Chloe debating about coming down the slide.  The debate ended with the slide winning and Chloe not sliding.
Courtney playing on the slide.
Courtney sliding into Ethan while playing on the slide.
 It is nice to be in an actual RV park rather than the trailer park we were in.  Misty and I have both vowed that we will never stay in another trailer park, no matter what.

We all feel more relaxed and seem happier since moving to the RV park.  Just this morning I was awakened by the sound of crows rather than the sound of sirens, which was the norm at the trailer park.

Now when I have to leave the RV to go to work, I will feel a lot better knowing that the family is in a safer place than before.

We pray that God keeps you safe and watches over you and your family, like he does us.


Don, Misty, and Kids...




  1. What RV park did you move to?

    1. We ended up at Pohick Bay Regional Park which is located north of Mason Neck State park on state route 242 in Fairfax county. Since it was the winter months they waived the 14 day stay limit so we could stay longer. We liked it much better than where we were.