Sunday, April 21, 2013

Everything Repeats

We have finally left Virginia and are now back in West Virginia staying at the Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery in Elkview WV.  We were to be in Indiana for warranty work on the RV, but had to reschedule it due to a family emergency.  So for the time being we will just stay put.

It has almost been a year since we first stayed here as we started our full-time RV adventure.  Looking back we only have one true regret.  We regret that we have not seen more of America, especially the west coast.  

Here lately, due to some events out of our control, we have been staying put more and more and not exploring what is around us, like we intended.  We just have to tell ourselves that there is still plenty of time to see it all, and that we just need to be patient.   

Then again, an asteroid could hit tomorrow and all of us be gone, but seriously, do you really think that will happen anytime soon?  Whatever happens, will happen, we just need to trust in God's will.
 Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
Lazy K is a small campground with around six 30 amp and four 50 amp sites.  The owner is adding more 50 amp sites up the road from the main camping area, but I do not know for sure how many.
 30 Amp RV lots next to creek at Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
When we first stayed here last April 2012 the sites had electric and sewer, but no water.  Water had to be trucked to you, in order to fill up your holding tanks.  Later on you could have a water hose strung to your RV to give you a continuous water supply.  That was OK until the temperature dropped below freezing.

As of the past month, water lines have been ran and now all the main campsites have full hookups which is nice.
 Walking trail next to creek in Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
We like to stay here because it is so close to where we used to live and our family.  It is only a couple miles from our house we sold when first starting our full-time RV adventure.
 Our RV and Yukon at Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
We have stayed in many RV parks that were much larger and maybe offered more amenities, but we are happy here and the owner, Ken, is always doing something to improve it.

Currently there is no shower house, but a spot is being cleared and it should go up sometime in the near future.  The trusses have also been ordered and are on site.
 Trusses waiting on the shower house to be built.
Luckily, we do not need a shower house since we always use our RV's shower and toilet, although the children have used facility toilets while outside playing so it is nice to have that option.  One day we may try an electric only site, in which case we would have to rely upon the park's bathing and toiletry facilities, but not any time soon I hope.

Speaking on having our own facilities in the RV, Miss Courtney gladly volunteered her Mom's laundry services to a neighbor who has no washer and dryer.  While I'm walking up to Courtney and the neighbor talking, I hear Courtney say, "My Mom loves doing laundry and does it everyday!  I'm sure she would do yours too!"

I'm sure the neighbor will understand when we do not volunteer to do her laundry, I hope.  I'm also going to have a talk with all the kids on what is off limits to talk about with the neighbors.
 Shower house site being prepared.
 Avery standing in front of where the shower house is to be built.
The road was a little muddy when it rained, but new gravel has been laid which has helped to eliminate that issue too.  Your vehicle still gets dirty while driving on the gravel when it rains, but not caked with mud like before.

The kids love it here, especially the playground.  Last weekend while the kids were at the playground, some local children came to the campground to play.  Our kids knew some of the other kids from church, but also made some new friends.  Now, when the local kids come over to play, if our kids are not out, they come knocking on the RV door looking for them.
 Playground and pavilion at Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
The owner Ken, is very hospitable and will ensure anything, within reason that you need, is provided.  Anytime we have called or talked to him about anything at the campground, he has handled it for us.

Lazy K's serves as a home-base to us, for all sorts of reasons, and Ken treats us like long lost family anytime we are around.
 View behind our RV lot at Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
View in front of our RV lot at Lazy K's Campground and Canoe Livery.
We are not exactly sure how long we are going to stay here at Lazy K's, but will stay until the family emergency is resolved or we are no longer needed to assist the family.

We are offering our services by providing travel and lodging for a family member requiring medical treatment outside of West Virginia, so at that time we will move to that location.

We are blessed that God has given us the ability to help our family due to our lifestyle.  You often wonder why things do not always work out the way we want, but they always work out for what God wants and, in time, the reasons are slowly revealed to us.

God bless!

Don, Misty, and Kids...

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  1. Welcome home for a bit! I had no idea Lazy K was even there. That's cool!

    1. Yes, we were surprised too when we found it. I was sitting at the dentist office reading a local paper when I saw an add for it. I could not believe it was so close to where we lived and we never even knew it was there.