Monday, July 15, 2013

Bowling Near Duke

Sometimes, to let off a little steam or just have some fun, we take the kids bowling.  It is something that all of us can participate in and we all love to do it.

Now, we are not professional bowlers, and with me probably being the best bowler, with an average score around 200, we will not be winning any bowling competitions anytime soon.

But it is a lot of fun and does not cost too much.  Misty and I have contemplated about getting our own bowling balls and shoes, but do not know whether it would be worth it since we are hit and miss with going bowling.

Once Misty gets warmed up, she is capable of getting a strike, as demonstrated below.
Looking good for a strike.

Strike! X 
A very proud Misty after her strike.
Here's proof of her strike.
Of course I could not let her show me up, so had to try for a strike too! But just like I tell the kids, you don't always get what you want.
Don mentally preparing to recover from his missed strike.
Looking good!
Well, not a strike, but at least a spare.
We also think that maybe the lanes were not maintained as well as they could be due to being robbed many times of our strikes.

The proof is in the pictures below.  Anyone can tell that Misty just threw a perfect ball and that a strike should be the result.
Looks like a strike to me.
But then, for no apparent reason, she was robbed!

She was so stunned by the vicious crime that was perpetrated against her, that it completely threw her confidence off and shook her for the rest of her frames, as is evident below in the next couple of pictures.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Misty doing the walk of shame after being so shook up by being robbed earlier.
Now that I had a chance to win the game, I reached down deep, pulled out my best moves, and let the ball fly.  I could just tell that I executed the perfect throw and the ball and I were one.

Yea, I know that the picture may not show it as being perfect, but the end results were.  You know the light was awful dim and I had the flash turned off on my phone when taking these pictures too.
Don and the ball as one.
For the kids we have the bumpers put up so that they do not have a bunch of gutter balls, but Courtney and Tia are pretty good at keeping the ball down the middle without touching the bumpers.

If the kids get a strike or spare after bouncing off of a bumper, then I tell them that in reality, it was a gutter ball.  Some may think I'm just busting their bubble, but they need to learn to bowl the right way and keep the balls out of the gutter.
Ian checking out his results.
Avery really liked his bowling shoes and wanted to keep them. Luckily, we talked him out of it and he did not make too big of a scene when leaving.
Avery excited about something.
Avery picking his ball while Courtney and Chloe pose for the camera.
Avery bouncing it off the bumper.
Chloe even gets into the game with a little help from her brothers and sisters.  Here Courtney is helping her throw her ball.
Courtney helping Chloe bowl.
Chloe happy with her latest throw.
As you can tell, Chloe was having quite the fun time while bowling with her family.
Chloe having fun.

All in all we had a fun time and the kids got to burn off some of their stored up energy, which is always good.
Ethan surveying his latest throw.
Courtney trying to pick up a spare.
Courtney showing how happy she is or that she really, really has to pee.
Tia throwing her best.

We do not go bowling a lot, but plan on picking it back up since we all can play and the kids have so much fun doing it.

The last time we went with our friends from church, the Gloade family and had a really good time.  They have three lovely girls, who our children love to play with and so anytime we get together, it is fun.

Their dad, Christian, said that he had not bowled since he was a teenager, but I had my suspicions when he started bowling strikes early into the game.

I bowled one of my best games to include a turkey (three strikes in a row) and won the first game, but then was beat in the next game by Christian.  I really do believe he had not bowled since he was a teenager, but he could have fooled us!

We are so lucky that we make good friends everywhere we go and have so much fun with them.  Unfortunately, we do not always show you everything we do on our blog for all sorts of reasons, but try to show the things that we think are the most interesting.  One day, when I can get a blog out every week, you will see more of what we do.

Also, the weather here has been rain on top of rain!  As a result, we've had to cancel a lot of our planned outdoor activities.  One reason I'm doing this blog so close to the last one is because our plans were rained out for the day and I ended up with some spare time.

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Until next time, may God bless you and keep you safe.

Don, Misty, and Kids...

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