Saturday, November 16, 2013

Staying in Kentucky

Currently we are staying in Campbellsville Kentucky at the Green River Stables Horse Camp & RV Park while Misty does some seasonal work with Amazon.

Amazon pays for a full hookup lot while working for them, which really helps out.

When we first pulled in we were the second RV to reside in the newest section of the park, but that did not last long and now it is full to capacity.
Empty RV lots in the newest section of the RV park.
We are the second RV to move into the newest section.
It is a beautiful place to stay and the owners/operators of the RV park, Darrell & Erin Wise, are second to none.

They welcome you like family and make sure you have everything you need to have a comfortable stay at their park.

Right next door you have the Green River Lake State Park that offers beautiful views of the lake and twenty one miles of trails to hike between twenty three trails.  They also have a nice playground, that the kids seem to love, for some reason.
Just one of the beautiful views of Green River Lake.
The playground in Green River Lake State Park.
We love to get out and walk the trails, but some of them you really have to watch your step since the trails are also used by horses and their riders.  They like to leave little surprises for you, that are not so little.
LivelyRV minus Don, walking on one of the many trails in Green River Lake State Park.
One of the suspects that we believe left us a surprise on the last trail we walked on.
My sister Brenda would love it here.  On the weekends it looks like you are in the wild west due to all the horses in the park.  They come by the tens and twenties with their horse hauler campers just to ride the trails in the park.

Angel is not impressed with the horses and voices her opinion every time she sees one.  That is about the only time she barks, is when she sees a horse.  Now she is even grumpier since we took her to the vet to get fixed.
Poor little Angel after coming home from the vet after getting fixed.
Another nice thing about all the horses and ponies, is that the kids get to ride them too.
The kids getting to ride a pony that is owned by the RV park.

Also while staying in Kentucky we took in some of the local attractions.  I do not know how many times we have driven through Elizabethtown Kentucky and passed the signs for My Old Kentucky Home State Park, but never stopped to visit it.

Its biggest claim to fame is that Stephen Foster got his inspiration for the song "My Old Kentucky Home" while visiting the Federal Hill Mansion.  He is also known for the song Camptown Races and many many more.
Side view of Federal Hill Mansion.
Front view of Federal Hill Mansion.
Trick or Treat was also celebrated while we were in Kentucky and the kids got their night of running around asking for candy.  Since our RV park did not have a lot of kids and a lot of the people work evening shift at Amazon, we had to venture out into Campbellsville to get our treats.
Minnie Mouse, Zombie, Ninja, Lighting McQueen, Witch One, and Witch Two Trick or Treating.
Sometimes though, we just kick back and take it easy and enjoy the day.  The kids are catching on to this too, as you can see below.
Avery, Ian, and Courtney relaxing in the Sun.
While we were here Ian turned seven and so we had a little birthday party for him.
Happy Birthday to Ian.
I'm not sure, but I think he was excited to get one of his presents anyway.  Mostly he got cloths, but the final present put a smile on his face.
Ian showing his delight over his new scooter.
Well I'm going to get ready to finish the blog out now, because it is Saturday and on Saturday Brother's BBQ serves their burnt ends, which are the best we have ever had.

"What are burnt ends?", you ask, they are the burnt ends of the beef brisket that are cut off before the brisket is sliced and served.  If done right, like the way Brother's BBQ does them, they have the perfect amount of fat and crispiness and are a delicacy.
Best burnt ends we have ever had!
Brother's BBQ in Campbellsville, KY on Main Street.
Those are just a few of the things LivelyRV has been up to since staying in Campbellsville Kentucky, but now it is time for us to get ready and go eat our burnt ends.

We thank God everyday for enabling us to live this type of lifestyle and being able to experience such the great things that we do while on this life changing adventure.

So go buy yourself a RV and hit the road fulltime like us.  What better way to see what America has to offer in the way of experiencing different people, food, and places.  We would not change our way of life for anything.

God bless you all and may He watch over you and your families.

If you like our blog please follow it.  I was talking to a fellow a couple weeks ago about how we were upset about a business we used and their customer service.  I said I was going to blog about it and let everyone know not to use them.  When asked how many followers we had I said 18.  I do not think they were threatened at all with my threat.  If we had a bigger following though, well maybe I could make them trimble in the knees.

Until next time.

Don, Misty, and Kids...


  1. Great blog! Yes I would love to be at the horse stables. I must admit my favorite times are working with Fireball. Even mucking his stall is theraputic and enjoying.

    1. I figured you would. I'm not big into horses, but Misty and the kids love them. Almost anytime we are around them, I think of you.

  2. Glad the weather has so great. It looks like a beautiful place to stay. Enjoy the sunshine while you can. If you don't run south soon winter is bound to finally show up. :)
    I'm going to GA for a week with Edye soon. Looking forward to that..
    It will be Christmas before we are ready. See you all soon. That will be fun.

    1. Jane, we plan on coming in around Dec 23 for Christmas in Elkview and then leave the first week in Jan to a warmer climate. We may go to Tampa for a Discovery RV conference or south west. We are not 100% sure yet.

      Love you,

  3. My husband and I are seriously talking fulltime rving with our two daughters and one dog. Here I was thinking it would be difficult with young kids and y'all are doing it like professionals! Very inspiring! Must get to bed for tonight but will be back to read more of your blog. Thanks for sharing and who knows, would love to meet up one day in our travels too. Quick question though, how do you budget for the month? We know what our monthly income is so trying to figure out if we could actually afford it......

    1. It depends on how you live on how much it costs. Some join camping clubs like Thousand Trails ( where they can stay much cheaper that your average camper. You can save money this way, but are limited on how long and where you can camp. We do not use their service, but may one day.

      We eat out a lot just because we get lazy about cooking, but if you cook in that can cut down on your expenses also.

      You can also workcamp for your lot rent and extra money, which my wife did while in KY, that will save you a lot out of your pocket. You can boondock, which is when you camp without any hookups, which can really save you money or stay in a park where you only have electricity and use their showerhouse and bathrooms. Lot rent is much cheaper that way.

      We almost always stay for 30 days at a time too, which will usually give you a better rate for your lot. Some campgrounds do not offer that, so we do not stay in those parks. On average we spend $700.00 a month on lot rent so that is what we budget for. Currently we are in WV and our lot rent is only $400.00 for full hookups, which really helps our budget, but while in Northern VA our lot rent was $1300.00 a month, so it just depends on where you are staying.

      The best I can tell you is that when we moved out of our 3000 sq ft house we saw a $2000.00 reduction in our monthly cost of living almost immediately. Now there are costs with the RV as it get older such as oil changes, transmission services, tire changes and the like, which can cost a good bit at the time, which you need to save up for or work into the budget, but for the most part it has been much cheaper living in the RV than a stick house.

      We also became Texans which greatly reduced our annual taxes. WV charged us $3000.00 a year personal property tax on the RV while TX does not, so that saved us a bunch not to mention TX has no income tax.

      It also depends on whether or not you own your RV or have to make payments. Same thing for you car or truck you own. We went with a big Class A RV which we are still paying on. If we would have bought used rather than new, we could have save money and not have a big RV payment now.

      It just depends on how much you want to spend and on how you live your life while traveling. If you go with a good one ton truck and fifth wheel camper, you can save a bunch more. We did not have that option with so many kids.

      We love living like this and would not change if for the world and when money gets tight, we quit eating out or stay longer where we are so we do not rack up fuel costs.

      If you really want to live on the road, and do not have to pay for your house and can transfer your cost of living over to your RV, then you can make it on the same cost of living you had with your house and probably much less. We sold our house and so lost that payment and had all of our credit cards paid off, so all we owe on are the RV and our vehicle. Now our major costs are lot rent, food, and money to take care of the RV.

      I hope this helps you make your decision and that you join in this lifestyle. Let us know once you are on the road and we will try to link up somewhere.