Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sirianni's Cafe

Today we want to tell you about where to get some of the best pasta and pizza anywhere, especially in West Virginia.  We have been eating here for many years and will make a six hour round trip from Charleston, WV to Davis, WV just for a taste.

Sirianni's Cafe is our favorite restaurant to get a Peperoni Pizza or Parmesan Wedge.  Don't just take our word for it though, in 2010 USA Today listed Sirianni's Cafe in their Great American Bites among the Favorite Pizza in 51 Slices.
USA Today Article
You may think that I am bias since I have known the owners most of my life, but the food is great along with the atmosphere.  The kids do not complain too much either when we decide to take a day trip to Davis, WV just for the food at Sirianni's Cafe.

We have even sent Food Network an email for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives to do a show on it, but I guess not enough people have notified them.  We have eaten at a few places listed by the show and were not always impressed.  I'm sure Guy would fine this place fits right in with his show and that the food is more than worthy of his attention.

Below is a copy of their menu:
Sirianni's Cafe Menu Cover.
Hoagies, Grinders, & Subs.
All of the food is great, but we also have our favorites.  Our standard order for the eight of us is a large Parmesan Wedge with marinara sauce, a large Pepperoni Pizza, a Lemon Linguine, and an O Mike Goss.  

I apologize now for not having a picture of the Pepperoni Pizza, but believe it or not, every time one comes out to the table, we eat it up so fast, I forget to get a picture.
Parmesan Wedge with marinara sauce.
Parmesan Wedge.
Lemon Linguine.
O Mike Goss.
We also order either a Lemon Linguine or O Mike Goss to-go so that we can enjoy it the next day for lunch.  The pizza and wedge is also good left over, but not as good as when it is fresh out of the oven, but sometimes we will take one of them home too for later.

Sirianni's Cafe is the standard we compare all other pasta and pizza to while in our travels and we can honestly say that we have not found any place else that has as good of food.  There was a pizza shop on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach that has some of the best pizza Misty and I have ever had, but we think Sirianni's is better.  We may have to drive to it just to compare.

They have two locations with the original in Davis, WV and another one in Canaan Valley, WV.  The food is just a good at either, but the decor in the Davis location is a lot more unique.  One other thing is that they do not accept any credit cards, so bring either cash or have your checkbook handy. 
Check Out Counter.
Front kitchen.
Left side of dining room.
Additional dining room.
Right side of dining room.
Avery, Tia, Courtney, and Ian sitting at our normal table.
Ian and Ethan ready for some good food.

Glen Plake has even eaten here and left his mark.
Glen Plake autographed photo.
So if you are ever near Davis, West Virginia and want some of the best pasta and pizza you have ever eaten, then please give Sirianni's Cafe a try.  We promise you will not be dissatisfied.

A while back Steve and Mona Liza of Lowe's RV Adventures traveled through Davis, WV, but I do not think ate at Sirranni's Cafe.  I really wish they would have so that they could have enjoyed the great food too.  This is another reason we decided to do a blog on it, so that maybe others traveling through the area will know about it.  In our humble opinions, it is the best place to eat in Davis, WV.

We really do hope you get a chance to visit Sirianni's Cafe one day and hope you love the food as much as we do.  It really is worth the trip.  Just about anyone we have taken there to eat agrees with us that the food is great.  The ones that do not, are full of it anyway, so their opinion does not count.  It is a very small population that do not agree that the food is great.

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Also pray for us as we are still recovering from a loss in our family. 

May God keep you safe and secure.

Don, Misty, and Kids...




  1. Yes, we did miss that one :( we already left when you told us or had just one day left in our stay. Glad that you were able to come back to your hometown.

    1. You really missed a good place to eat. We drive 3 hours one way just to eat there. Sorry for not replying earlier.