Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God's Healing Hand After The Loss Of My Only Sister

As many of you know, Don writes all the blogs and I have remained silent during our 29 months on the road partly due to my quiet nature and tendency to shy away from those around me.  Everyone knows that Don is my super sociable and very outgoing half that I deeply admire!  It obviously takes something that is very important and life changing in order to motivate me enough to come out of my shell but if I'm able to help just one person in any area of their life through my testimony then I will do just that.  

I have had the biggest struggle of my life since losing my 32yr old sister and only sibling on 28 Dec 2013.  After a tragic event that took her life, she left behind a husband, her 3 children, her parents, her sister (me), grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many friends who all miss and love her very much!  Going to her little boy's Kindergarten Graduation was among the hardest things I've done since her passing.  I hurt for what she is missing and for the little boy who stood in front without his mommy in the crowd.  

Me and Kristin always together.
Me and Kristin on my wedding day.
Kristin and me on our last family vacation together.

Ricky graduating from kindergarten. (He has his mommy's dimples.)
Ricky and me at his kindergarten graduation.

Me and Dustin at Ricky's kindergarten graduation.

For 3 months, I was unable to care for myself, our children, or my husband and it put a tremendous burden on him with everything being dumped in his lap and having to worry about my mental and physical well being too.  This also weighed heavily on our children to see me in such a state and upon seeing the pain I was causing them along with many answered prayers I was slowly able to resemble a functioning wife and mother again.  Although I appeared okay on the outside, I had a raging war going on inside that was full of pain and torment and I begged God to send me help sometime last month because I felt so weak and knew that I couldn't go on without help.  The next day God put Young Living Essential Oils (EO) in front of me again (He placed them in front of me approx. 2 years ago but I ignored him and now I battle with guilt because it's something my sister and I could have experienced together) through the testimony of a very dear friend who was unaware of my need.  At that moment, I promised Him that I would never again disobey and I will continually share my testimony in hopes that others may be blessed as we have.  God has given me balance in the raging war between pain and happiness within and has given me hope and faith to continue along His path while passing through this life on our way to our eternal home.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

I'm simply sharing with you what has helped my family.  Soon, I will be sharing a video on our Livelyrv FB page that explains the oils that came in my Premium Starter Kit.  But first I want to list a few of my favorites because of the amazing results we have personally experienced.

Everyday Essential Oils in the Premium Starter Kit
  -Peace and Calming: Helped support my body's natural sleep cycle and for the 1st time in 8 months, I was asleep before 6am. The essential oil blend is very calming and helps my little ones wind down for a peaceful nights sleep also. (We are currently out of this and I have found that Cedarwood EO is also helpful in easing my mind and promotes a restful sleep.)
  -PanAway:  Supports the nervous system, muscles and bones.  It helped alleviate the pain that has almost always been present in my back! 
  -Valor:  Supports the nervous system and emotional balance.  It is my go to when feeling overwhelmed, lonely (even though I'm surrounded by 7 individuals who love me!) or an extreme amount of sadness that stems from the loss of my sister. (Others help in this area too but so far, for me, Valor takes the lead.)

  -Di-Gize: Came in place of Purification (reason: currently out of stock) in my kit and it is great for supporting the digestive system.  I take 1-2 drops every morning to help soothe an upset tummy.

  -Roman Chamomile: Supports skin health and the nervous system so is very soothing in the bathwater just before bed.  Helped alleviate ear pressure and support proper drainage when we were having ear trouble. 

  -Lavender: Worked wonders for soothing our skin after being in the sun too long and we woke up feeling great.  Lavender is great support for the skin!   It took the sting from my arm after sticking it to a hot oven a few days ago.  This is also very soothing when used in your bathwater with Epsom salt and great for using in place of dryer sheets at the end of the drying cycle.

  -Thieves: Is great for immune support and is very soothing at the onset of a sore throat.  This also happens to be my favorite scent when diffusing in the air and has the added benefit of killing airborne bacteria!  It fills the air with the scent of Clove and Cinnamon.

Everyday Oils Included in the Premium Starter Kit.

Those of you who personally know my mom will also know that she has suffered from neuropathy in her feet since having radiation treatments in 2000.  Over the years she lost complete feeling in her feet and the loss of feeling has now traveled up to her knees.  At the age of 54, she has been falling on a regular basis and has slowly been losing her mobility.  As you can imagine, she has tried everything, both natural and prescription, to alleviate the pain but nothing helped so she was left feeling hopeless and emotionally drained.  After reading many testimonies about others getting that feeling back with the use of essential oils, I decided to mix several single oils that support the nervous system and sent them to her along with a bottle of PanAway to help soothe the nerves and maybe alleviate some pain.  I feel blessed to share that after only a few uses, she felt her toes wiggle in her house shoes, can feel the external temperature of her feet by touching them together and is now able to feel carpet fibers under her feet when she walks!  Her feet and legs are still mostly numb and these may seem like small changes but are huge to all of us!  I will continue to update everyone of any changes and feel free to call, email or PM me to check in privately.  

I know this is a lot of info but I'm absolutely blown away by what these oils have done for us!  I will continue to share the many blessings we receive through the use of our Young Living essential oils.  It breaks my heart to know there are many people out there that are suffering just like me that may not know about the amazing benefits that can be obtained through the use of these oils.  I wish I had used them when they were first placed in front of me years ago but everything happens in God's time!  These are the things that have stood out for us and had almost immediate positive results!

I signed up with Young Living's Premium Starter Kit to become a wholesaler in order to get 24% off retail price for my family but it has now blossomed into a business for us.  We are so blessed to be part of this amazing company and also do something that we love!  Helping others find the right oil to support their needs, watching them grow in excitement as they begin to feel the health benefits,  and building life long relationships with those that join us on this journey is more than we could ever ask for!  

Gary Young, the owner of Young Living, is a wonderful man who discovered essential oils 13 years after a logging accident that left him in a wheelchair.  Early on he decided he was not going to live life confined to a wheelchair and since then, he ran in a half marathon but still suffered with a lot of pain from the accident which is what led him down the path to what Young Living has become.  He never compromises on quality and always waits on God to provide each harvest which is why oils will sometimes be out of stock.  I love his seed to seal process and that he allows us to visit the farms and distilleries to be part of the entire thing!  If you would like to begin your own personal wellness journey through the use of these oils then I encourage you to sign up as a wholesaler for the savings and decide for yourself if you wish to work the business side or just use it for your own family and friends. 

If anyone chooses to take a leap of faith then you can sign up here:  My member number is already on the form as the referring member and all you need to do is check wholesale and pick your starter package.  If you would like to attend a class and have others who would be interested in attending then let us know and we will be happy to set one up in your area.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have prayed for our family during these difficult times.  We still have many struggles ahead of us but also have faith that God will get us through as he has continued to do.  If he is able to take someone as shattered as I was and make them whole again then he can do it for you!  Sometimes all you have to do is ask and allow Him to carry you until you are able to get back on your feet.  I have many days when I feel as if I may fall but have such comfort in knowing that He will catch me.  May God bless each and every one of you and continue to guide you throughout your daily lives!

Misty Lively 


  1. Misty, I came across your blog at random, and then this post, although I'm sure I was lead here to respond. I want to assure you that your sister was there for her son's graduation. I gave a sermon to my church in June on this topic (our pastor was on sabbatical for the summer so a handful of us volunteered), and I had half of the congregation in tears with my message. Obviously I can't give you the full version here but here is the condensed version. My mother-in-law died from cancer almost 12 years ago. It tore my wife apart, our family, and the greater family. A year and a half later she appeared to me in a night vision (not a dream, I was fully awake yet asleep), apologizing for all the turmoil her death caused. The next morning I told my wife expecting to get a few questions and that would be the end ... but she told me how her mother visited her the night before in a vision, with an apology and words of encouragement. The same message, the same night.

    What I took from this experience is those that go before us still care about us, and can still see what goes on in our lives. They are there for the birthdays, for the weddings, and for the graduations. The bible says He has prepared a place for us and I'm positive of that. Celebrate freely the next time you are there for your nephew for a special occasion ... and say "hello" to your sister. She is there.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience of the loss in your family. It just helps support that God is great and that there is much we still do not understand about Heaven. We had a friend that has told us she was visited by Kristin a while back for a few days with Kristin just hanging around with a big smile on her face. To us that is Kristin saying everything is fine and she it OK.

      Thanks again for your comments and encouragement.

      God Bless!

      Don & Misty

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