Sunday, March 1, 2015

Freedom Park Joint Base San Antonio Texas

Over the weekend we drove over to the Warrior and Family Support Center Freedom Park that is located near the hospital, across the railroad tracks from the Fort Sam Houston RV Park, on Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston.

It is a very peaceful spot on post for our recovering heroes to relax with their families after being wounded.  It provides six acres with exercise stations, a one mile running track, ball field, and amphitheater that can seat 300.
Freedom Park on Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston Texas.

I am not exactly sure what each exercise is called in the park, but will caption them the best I can.  I really did not pay great attention to the signs explaining the exercises at each location.
One of the many exercise areas in the park.
Courtney trying out the rail jump.
Of course each child had to try their hand at each exercise station and wanted to do better than their siblings.

Avery showing us how it is done.
I was having Tia do inverted sit-ups at this exercise station.
Starting position move.
Ready exercise.  One.  (Actually she is not in proper form, so this one would not count, but she did not know that.)
Finally Courtney, who read the directions, showed us how to use this particular exercise station.  I would say that either way still works the stomach muscles pretty good though.
Courtney showing us how to do it correctly.
Tia trying the jump rail.
Avery, Ian, and Ethan trying out another exercise station in the park.
I, of course, had to make sure the hammocks were up to standard and comfortable.  I actually preferred to lay on it as pictured rather than the traditional way, which puts too much strain on my back.
Dad trying out one of the many hammocks in the park.

Tia, Courtney, and Chloe relaxing in a hammock.
A view from the hammock.
Ethan trying to do a chin-up.
Tia, Avery, and Ian doing the rope climb.
Tia, Ethan, and Avery on the rope climb.
Courtney, Avery, Tia, Misty, Chloe, Ian and Ethan.
Courtney, Avery, Tia, Chloe, Don, Ian and Ethan.
Avery, Chloe, Ian, Courtney, Ethan, and Tia posing for the camera.
Ethan, Courtney, Avery, Chloe, Tia, and Ian acting up for the camera.
Tia and Courtney climbing the cargo net.
Tia was the first one to make it to the top.
Avery with his pet Roly Poly bug he caught.
Ian showing off his climbing skills.
Tia and Avery climbing on the cargo net.
View of the amphitheater in the park.
Misty taking a break.
So that was our weekend while staying on Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston.  

Freedom Park is a very peaceful place for our heroes to recuperate and try to get back to some type of normalcy in their lives.

Both Misty and I are proud that we served our nation, but the true heroes are the ones who gave more than us with some giving all.  I wish all Americans felt this way.

God bless them all and you and yours!  May God be with you, no matter how tough the time or issue and guide you safely through it.

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Don, Misty, and Kids...


  1. Chloe looks awfully small in that big cost. :) Cute pictures of the kids.

    1. Chloe forgot her coat in the RV, so we let her have Misty's jacket. After awhile, Chloe was so hot from running around, she shed it back off.