Thursday, March 10, 2016

Big Dam Bridge

While stuck in Little Rock, Arkansas getting our RV worked on, we ventured out to see some of the sights and stumbled upon the Big Dam Bridge which is claimed to be the longest pedestrian bridge in North America at 4226 feet long.
The kids posing at the "big dam bridge".
We parked on the Murray Park side, walked across the bridge to Cook's Landing Park and then back to Murray Park.  It was a nice leisurely stroll with the kids running a head of us burning off their extra energy.  The bridge also spans the Murray Lock and Dam that construction started on in 1964 and finished in 1968.  The lock and dam is the same age as me, if you go by the start date.

Beginning of the bridge from the Murray Park side.

The middle of the bridge over the Murray Lock and Dam.

The other end of the bridge at Cook's Landing Park.
With this being a pretty day in early February, there was a good bit of foot and bike traffic on the bridge.  For the most part there were no issues, but we did have to ensure the kids were not blocking any bikers coming through since they could overtake you quickly.

The bridge spans the Arkansas River which is part of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System which was completed in 1971.  It is 445 miles long starting at the Mississippi River and ending in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Looking west up the river you see Murray Lake, Two Rivers Park, and Pinnacle Mountain which is a state park.  I plan on doing our next blog on our adventure climbing to the top of Pinnacle Mountain, so make sure you check back so you can read it.

Looking up the river towards the I-430 bridge.

Another view of the I-430 bridge with Murray Lake, Two Rivers Park, and Pinnacle Mountain in the background.
Looking east down the Arkansas River towards the Mississippi River which is 125 miles from this location.  The Arkansas River starts in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and travels 1450 miles until it dumps into the mighty Mississippi.
Looking down stream towards the east.
The bridge also overlooks one of the generators of ten for the North Little Rock Hydro-Electric System.  All of these generators have the potential to produce three billion kilowatt hours of electricity that can sustain power for three million households for average power usage for a month.
Hydro-electric plant at Murray Lock and Dam.
All in all it was nice to get outside and get a little bit of exercise.  I would guess we spent around an hour or an hour and a half walking on the bridge before we loaded back into the van and came back to the RV.

We hope to have all of the body work completed on the RV here soon so that we can leave Arkansas and visit some place where we have not been yet.  It is nice though to be able to visit the attractions in the area, but we have been in this location way too long.

So if find yourself in Little Rock, Arkansas and have time, take it, to visit the longest pedestrian bridge in North America.

God bless and may He keep you safe!

Don, Misty, and Kids...
States we have visited so far.

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