Monday, July 11, 2016


After leaving Utah we headed up to Idaho or spud country to stay at Aspen Acres Golf Club & RV Park near Ashton, ID which is owned by Billy and Katherine Stronks.  They also own FIVE11MAIN which is an Old Fashioned Soda Fountain Pizzeria restaurant in Ashton.

The RV park was very peaceful with the aspen trees and fairways.  To the east you can also see the Grand Tetons which are only about 30 miles away as the crow flies, but close to 100 miles if you drive there.

View of the fairway.

Aspen trees in the RV park.
Our RV spot at Aspen Acres Golf Course & RV Park.
The Grand Tetons view from the RV park about 30 miles away as the crow flies.
You can also check out their Facebook page for FIVE11MAIN to see who all has been stopping by, like Ponch, (Erik Estrada), who we did not meet, but would have loved to have.

The first time we went there to eat, we were told to try THE DARTH TATOR pizza which is considered the "Father" of all pizzas and is true to the Idaho potato theme.  It is a white sauce pizza with Idaho baked potatoes, Canadian bacon, bacon, cheddar cheese, and red onions.  It is very delicious and if you are ever there, you need to try one.

Both the RV park and restaurant are kid friendly and you could not ask for two better individuals to own them.  We felt very welcome at both places. 

They also had a bunch of wood cut up ready by each campsite for campfires and S'mores making which we took full advantage of.
Sitting by the campfire enjoying the heat and making S'mores.
While there we drove to the Grand Teton National Park to visit which is a good two hour drive over the mountains, but worth it.  You get to drive through Idaho in to Wyoming over Taylor Mountain through Jackson and Moose, WY.

We had planned on driving through Grand Teton north up to Yellowstone, but the road was still closed for the season, so had to turn around and come back to the RV park the way we came in.

Snow was still visible while driving over Taylor Mountain.

More snow drifts.
Once we made it to Grand Teton the views were spectacular.  It was well worth the one way 100 mile drive to see them.
Grand Teton.
To see all of the park you really need a couple of days, but we saw the majority of it in one.  It is one of those places you just have to see to get the full effect.
Another view of the mountain.

Sage was growing everywhere which you could smell in the air.

Tia, Ian, Ethan, Chloe, Courtney, and Avery at Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

Jenny Lake.

Avery, Ethan, Ian, and Tia at Jenny Lake.

View from Signal Mountain.

Another beautiful view from Signal Mountain.

Close up to the mountain.
Just a short distance from the RV park in Idaho is the Targhee National Forest which is accessible via the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway.  It runs along the Henrys Fork of the Snake River.

On the drive are two falls, the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls which were created from the river cutting through the canyon that was created during the last time Yellowstone's volcano erupted which was 2500 times more powerful than Mt St Helens in 1980.

You can still see in the canyon's walls the volcanic drama that created it all.
You can see the volcanic column like structures that formed over 25000 years ago.
Upper Mesa Falls.
The kids and I also measured ourselves against the Snow Pole.

Avery at the snow pole.

Ethan at the snow pole.

Ian at the snow pole.

Chloe at the snow pole.

Courtney at the snow pole.

Tia at the snow pole.

Daddy at the snow pole.
Lower Mesa Falls.

A closer picture of the Lower Mesa Falls.

More of the canyon and its walls that were formed by a volcano eruption.
A closer look at the canyon walls.

Ethan, Courtney, Tia, Chloe, Ian, and Avery at the Lower Mesa Falls overlook.
So before we go you have to see at least one field were the potatoes are grown when in Idaho.  Some places that is all you see for miles and miles.  

An Idaho field ready to grow potatoes.
So that was some of our adventures while in Idaho for the short week we were there.  We also made it to Yellowstone, but will leave that for the next blog.

We hope you like our blog and got something good from it like maybe sparking your interest to come and visit Idaho, stay at a friendly RV park, and eat at a really good soda shop and pizzeria.

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We are blessed to be able to travel like this and meet all of the wonderful people while we travel.  God has blessed us and watches over us and we pray that He also watches over you and your families.

Lord knows that America is headed for some hard times and if we do not turn to God, we are not going to make it.

Don, Misty, and Kids...
Twenty Three States Visited So Far.


  1. We've enjoyed exploring Idaho this summer. We were just at Mesa Falls the other day and are currently at the Ririe Reservoir heading back to Jackson tomorrow. Beautiful country and I feel blessed being able to explore it. Safe travels to you.

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I do not think people realize how wonderful of a life we have, seeing most of the sights in America. Shame we did not meet on the road or in Idaho. Safe travels to you too. If you do not mind we'll add your link to our blog roll. Don