Sunday, October 9, 2016

Acupuncture & Placenta Encapsulation

After giving birth to Camilyn, Misty decided to have her placenta encapsulated to help with the production of milk while breast feeding, to raise her iron levels, and to help with any postpartum depression by supporting her hormones.  Placenta encapsulation is when they take the placenta, soak it in oil, dry it out, grind it up into powder, and then place it into capsules.

Placenta capsules.
Many mothers who have had it done and taken the pills, claim that it really helps.  Misty said it made a big difference in her recovery compared to her past six deliveries without having her placenta encapsulated.

Kaci was one recommendation who we ended up using to encapsulate Misty's placenta for $165.00 who lived in Rapid City, SD near where we were staying.  Most who practice this art will also practice other forms of the Chinese medicine which Kaci does, so she is also certified in acupuncture, reflexology, cupping, and Asian bodywork.

If interested in any of her services, you can click on her name above, email her at, or call her at 605-646-0305.

I'm not sure if the below picture is representative of American Gothic or Green Acres, but they are a very good looking family and really nice people that we are happy to have met.
Kaci with her husband Mark and son Kane.
I have always wanted to try acupuncture so Misty set up an appointment with Kaci for me to see what it was like.  After asking me some basic health questions, taking my blood pressure, and answering any questions I had, she proceeded to start the treatment. She ended up performing a kidney qi deficiency and liver qi stagnation on me where she used points to try to re-balance those organs but also used general calming points as well.  I have to say I did feel an energy throughout my body while receiving treatment.

Before starting the treatment my blood pressure was 120 over 90 and after the 30 minute session it dropped to 120 over 80, so if anything it relaxed me pretty good.  I really should have it performed on me a few more times to reap a better benefit, but it did help me to relax and feel refreshed when it was complete.
Getting acupuncture in my legs.
A full body view of my acupuncture procedure.
A shot of my acupuncture to my head, arms, and stomach.
Acupuncture needles in my ear.
I will try this again in the future and see if I get the same results.  It can take five to ten sessions before you see lasting results, but you will usually see some type of pain relief or feel something positive your first time, but everyone is different, so results will vary.

I personally know an individual who has acupuncture on his back for chronic pain relief and swears by it, but he has to keep going back for more treatments to keep the pain in check.  He says it is well worth it though.

Well hopefully my experience will make you want to experience acupuncture and see if it will help you too.  May Misty's experience also entice some expecting mothers to have their placenta encapsulated to help with the post birth issues.  Just because you have never done it or think it is weird, does not mean it will not work or help you in some way.

God bless and may you find what's best for your pain relief.  Of course a good prayer to your maker and trusting Him to take care of anything that comes your way, is always the best way to handle it.

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