Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Time To Rest

God has placed it upon our hearts to take time off the road, buy a house, and settle down for a while to rest.  We do not plan to completely quit traveling, but now have a home base that we can come back to anytime.
Our New Home!
The house has a RV port along with hookups, so we can keep the RV hooked up and use it as my office or as a guest house, which is nice.

It is a four bedroom, three bath house with twenty seven hundred square feet, which is so much more than our four hundred and thirty square foot RV we have lived in for the past six plus years.

Ethan has his own room with the other kids sharing rooms.  Ethan's room also has an attached bathroom which the boys will use, while the girls will use the common bathroom as theirs and then Misty and I have our own master bathroom off of our bedroom.

The property is fenced in, so letting Angel out to run around is not a worry.  There is over three acres of land, so plenty room to stretch your legs.

Being able to park out of the rain and keep the RV under cover is nice and one day we plan on closing the RV port in and making it into a garage.

One of the best things about this property is the fact that it came with a fairly new hot tub, which was the icing on the cake.  We love our hot tub and when I say we, I mean me!

My hot tub!
Since it is in the back of the house we can soak in private without the neighbors watching.

We are not sure exactly how long our rest period will be, but no matter where we go, we always have a home to come back to with full hookups and my hot tub.

Of course once we moved in we had to make some changes to make it feel more like ours and so started with our master bedroom.  The house is mostly finished with paneling that was painted over the years.  We, and when I say we, I mean Misty, decided that we should drywall the bedroom, so I did.

Master bedroom wall done in paneling.
Master bedroom wall with paneling removed.
Master bedroom wall being drywalled.
Master bedroom wall with tape and mud.
Master bedroom completed.
If you have not figured it out, our master bedroom used to be the garage, so that is why there is a breaker box in it.  One day, if we get the house rewired, we will have the breaker box moved into the closet, out of site.  

The air conditioner is just to help supplement this room to keep it very cool in the summer time.  We were told it was not needed if you just want to keep the room around 70 degrees, but we will see.

We still have plenty of furniture to buy or pick up in WV once we make it back there to get our stuff out of storage, but will survive until then.

We are planning our next trip to AZ for this spring and hope to visit the Grand Canyon.  We will see if my schedule allows it.  We also need to update the security system on the house so that we can see what's going on while we are on the road.

That is one bad thing about owning a house while traveling in our RV is that someone may break in or something go wrong while we are away.  Oh well, I guess that is why we have insurance.

You will notice too that while at the house I will not be updating the blog as much, so be patient and when we do go somewhere amazing, I will let you know.

God bless!

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