Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two Weeks Later

Well it has been two weeks since the last post.  We have been so busy since then, we just did not have time.  As you can see from the picture, cramming your stuff from a 3100 sq ft house into a 40' RV is no easy matter.

We officially moved out of the house on 26 April 2012 and into the RV, which has had its toll on Misty and myself.  The kids are doing pretty well and have not complained about not having all of their toys, as of yet.

Poor Misty is doing most of the storing of our stuff in the RV, which is very time consuming and challenging.  She has switched items around a couple of time now trying to determine which is best place to store certain items.  Target's and Wal*Mart's stock has had to go up due to all the storage containers we have bought in the past few days.  Just today Misty is running to the store to buy some Space-saver bags to store some more clothes.

We still have a good bit of junk in the house that we need to either store or give away and to complicate matters even more, the new owners have moved in and some of our stuff is intermingled with theirs.  It is also weird walking into your old house, that is no longer yours, and seeing different furniture and decorations that are not yours.

So far it has been quite the shock with our lifestyle change, but we are still optimistic and know we are doing the right thing.

Until next time.


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