Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture Window View

This evening I'm watching the kids swing across from us in the playground while Misty bakes a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

We are staying at the KOA North Little Rock RV park in  Arkansas, which is pretty nice and close to Camp Robinson, where I'm working this week.  

The only complaint I have with this park is that the power fluctuates enough to make the Power Guard surge protector shut off the coach's power.  I'm sure it is not good for the coach and when it is 90 degrees, you need your air conditioning too.

Of course the first time this happened was about 10 PM our first night here and the park office had already closed.  I checked the breakers in the coach and did not see anything tripped.  I then checked the breaker at the power pole and did not find anything wrong there either. 

I was worried that something was wrong with the RV since the power indicator light on the power pole was always on but we kept losing power.  I could hear a clicking sound inside the RV both when the power went of and then came back on.  Come to find out it was the built in surge protector kicking off and on due to the voltage fluctuating so much.

The next day I asked one of the other campers if they were experiencing the same thing, which they said they were.  That made me feel better that our RV was not messed up, but doing what it was supposed to do.  It was still an inconvenience though.  

I have found that if I do not reset the digital clock on the microwave, the power seems to stay on much longer than when I set it.  


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