Sunday, May 27, 2012

On The Road Again

Yesterday we left Little Rock Arkansas for Houston Texas.  It would have been a seven or eight hour drive, if we had driven straight through, but we stopped at the Crater of Diamonds State Park  in Murfreesburo Arkansas to see if we could find the big one so I would not have to work anymore.  Well I guess I'll keep my job a little while longer since all we found was sweat and dirt.

Of course the trip could not start without some type of hitch, so we were not deprived of one.  The RV has both backup and side view cameras that assist you when driving, especially when changing lanes.  Well for some unknown reason, probably due to a certain three year old pushing buttons when our backs were turned, the cameras do not respond when I put on the blinkers.  I also noticed the images were reversed along with the menu text.

After trying everything I could try and even calling CoachNet technical support, I had to drive without my cameras.  Of course the RV has trucker mirrors which are more than capable of doing the job, so I guess I will just have to use them until I can get the cameras fixed.

We have finally made it to our Houston destination and will settle here for a week or two so that we can get a driveshaft disconnect installed on the Yukon so it can be dingy towed.  Right now I am driving the RV while Misty follows me in the Yukon, which makes for a boring trip.

We are staying at Traders' Village RV park.  All of the reviews I have read about it, say it is a very nice and affordable place to visit and has great places to shop and eat.  We shall see.



  1. If you get a chance, while in the Houston area, check out Galveston. The island has a lot of history and a great beach.

    1. That is on our to-do list. I'm getting ready to do some on-line research on that very thing now.