Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot In Texas

Today in Houston it is 95 degrees, but it feels like it is over 100.  Also today the power went off for about six hours, which was not too big of a deal for us since we have a generator and could still use the air conditioning, but our neighbors had to run out an rent one, to keep their fifth wheel's air conditioning running.

I took the Yukon to the shop this morning and had them measure the drive shaft to order the new one that will be used with the disconnect for dingy towing.  Once it comes in, in a few days, they will install everything we need for towing and we will be on our way.

I think before we head to Alabama, we will try to get a place on the beach around Galveston, TX and stay there a week or so.  That is the good thing about living in an RV is that we can pick up and go to wherever we want, when we want.  It is not always as easy as that, but we do have a lot of options.

Something I forgot to mention on our trip from Arkansas to Texas is that I think both Misty and I will be getting tickets in the mail for traffic violations.  

While I was driving through some small town in Texas on the way down here, I could not stop the RV in time for a yellow light, which turned red by the time I got under it.  I saw the flash of front and rear cameras and so assume I will be getting a letter from that town's police department soon.

While Misty was driving the Yukon on the tollway in Houston, she used an EZPass only lane exit, without having an EZPass, and so did not pay any toll.  She saw the flash of the camera too, so we figure she will be getting a ticket also.  I am to let you know though that she was following the GPS which told her that exit and by the time she realized that it was an EZPass only lane, it was too late to get out of it.  I do not think that a judge will care about that though.

Avery asked me to also show you his angry face in the blog, so here it is.  He is such an angel!

The power is back on and all I have eaten today is a banana, so I think it is time to go find some fajitas to eat.


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