Saturday, June 2, 2012

Galveston Island State Park

Friday evening we made our way down to Galveston Island State Park and enjoyed a stroll on the beach. The water was muddy out to around 100 yards or so, but was warm to walk in with your shoes off. 

The sand was super fine and felt good on our feet.  In places there was a good bit of vegetation washing up on the shore, but it was easily avoided.

The kids had a great time and got to see some wildlife including a clam and hermit crab.

Tia holding her clam.

Hermit crab.

It was about 70 miles from Houston to Galveston so the drive was not too long.  We did get held up in traffic leaving Houston since it was during the evening rush hour, but nothing like you would hit when traveling around D.C.

We may still try to stay at a RV park along the beach in Galveston for a week or so, but it looks like we are stuck in Houston a little while longer since Smitty did not order everything we needed for our driveshaft disconnect, the first time.  Now it looks like it may be Wednesday or later before we get out of here.

This evening I grilled a couple eight ounce filets I bought from Whole Foods along with asparagus  and baked potatoes that I rubbed with olive oil and sea salt.  

I drizzled olive oil on the asparagus and seasoned it with sea salt and pepper then grilled it too.  There is nothing quite like grilled asparagus, but then almost any grilled food is better tasting.

The kids had hotdogs along with the asparagus and baked potatoes.  Everyone liked it so much that they gobbled everything up except for a couple of hotdogs.

I think tomorrow I will let Misty pan sear some tilapia fillets and drizzle it with a lemon basil butter sauce she has a recipe for.  It is very good and really adds to the taste of the fish.

Don and Misty

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog this morning Don! Looks like an exciting adventure and I wish you much happiness! Enjoy and keep up the posts!

  2. Thanks! We are still adjusting to this way of life, but love it so far.