Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audubon Zoo

While in New Orleans we also made a visit to the Audubon Zoo, which is located in historic Uptown New Orleans, and had a very pleasant time.

Actually this was one of the most enjoyable zoo visits I think we have ever had with all of the kids.  Normally either Avery is whining about wanting to be pushed in a stroller, or one of the other kids has some issue about something and is complaining the entire visit, or both.

This time Avery was more than happy to trot from one exhibit to another and the kids took turns pushing Chloe in the stroller, so Misty and I could enjoy the sights too.

Actually we forgot the strollers at the RV, but luckily had a tricycle in the Yukon that has a handle so it can be pushed like a stroller.  Worse case we could have rented one from the zoo, but having the tricycle saved us some dough.

In my opinion, any type of zoo worth its salt should have a snake exhibit where you can touch it.  All the kids got to touch the Boa Constrictor that the zoo volunteer was holding.  The snake had a name, but I can not remember it or exactly what specific type of boa it was.

Zoo volunteer with Boa Constrictor
 Another neat thing they got to touch was a cute little Hedge Hog.  

Hedge Hog on display.
 The zoo also had a petting zoo which the kids enjoyed very much. Most children love to pet any type of animal, especially deer, goats, sheep or any animal that has fur.
Ethan petting sheep at the zoo.
Avery, who is not sure what to do next.
Ian, having second thoughts about petting the goat with Tia watching closely.
 Another neat thing the kids got to see and touch was the Australian Blue Tongue Lizard or Skink.  

This lizard is very docile and easily caught by humans and predators alike.  Its main defense is sticking a very blue tongue out of a very pink mouth and hopefully, the contrast in colors will scare off the predator.  It will also make a loud hissing noise in conjunction with sticking out its tongue.

If it does bite I do not think it really breaks the skin, but will leave a bruise since it has pretty strong jaws.
The kids petting an Australian Blue Tongue Lizard (Skink).
 The zoo also had a couple of leucistic alligators on display which were found in the Louisiana swamps in 1987.  Unlike albino alligators, who lack the dark pigment called melanin and have pink eyes, the leucistic alligators are white due to having a white pigment and have blue eyes.  
One of the leucistic alligator on display.
Leucistic alligators have blue eyes unlike an albino alligator who's eyes are pink.
All in all we had a great time at the zoo, even though the temperature was hot and muggy.  They had a couple of misting stations that the kids took full advantage of.

Kids cooling off at misting station.
During the hike through the zoo, the kids had to wrestle one of the alligators that was laying along this trail.  The alligator was of the bronze species type, which is one of the easiest to wrestle with fewer causalities.  It ended up being a draw with the kids leaving the alligator to its business.
Kids wrestling a bronze alligator.
Here the kids decided to pose for a picture with an ancient sculpture in the Amazon section of the zoo or at least I think it was the Amazon.
Courtney, Ian, Tia, Avery, and Ethan posing for the camera.
 One of the last exhibits we viewed while at the zoo was of the primates.  The gorilla below just seemed to sit and watch us, watch him.  Every once and a while he would push the tire a little and just go back to watching us.  We sort of felt bad for him because he looked so bored.

Bored gorilla.
There were many other things we saw at the zoo, which did not make the blog for all sorts of reasons, but we had a very good time and the kids all learned something, which was the main goal of the visit.

As we tour America and see what all it has to offer, the main thing we want our children to know is that you never stop learning. You can always learn something new, even on something you think you know everything about.

Misty and I almost always learn something new or relearn something we knew or forgot on every trip we take with the kids.  As long as they pick up one piece of knowledge, we are happy.

Until next time, may God bless you and yours.

Don, Misty, & Kids.


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