Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Allen County Museum

Today we visited the Allen County Museum in Lima Ohio.  The admission for the museum is a $5.00 suggested donation, so it is a cheap place to visit, and well worth it.

Allen County Museum
The museum has the Children's Discovery Center which has many things for the kids to do.  One neat thing is a telegraph that you can send a telegram across the room with.

The museum has a nice Shay locomotive which was built for use by the Lima Stone Company.  It was manufactured by the Lima Locomotive Works which also made the trains used by CASS Scenic Railroad State Park located in Cass, WV.  

Plaque on Shay Engine 10 at Allen County Museum
Side view of Shay Engine 10
If you are interested in reading more about Shay engines go to Lima Locomotive Works web site or the Shay Locomotives web site to see where all the surviving Shay engines are now.

The museum also had a children's garden with a center gazebo and different sections of interest to walk through and relax in.
Children's Garden at Allen County Museum.
The kids had a fun time playing with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while we were at the museum in the garden.
Tia, Ian, Misty, Chloe, Avery, & Courtney playing.
Then it was time to sit in the Garden Classroom and learn a thing or two.
Avery, Courtney, Ian, & Tia sitting in the Garden Classroom.
Ethan was not with us during this trip due to staying at a friend's house overnight.  Upon returning home he stated that he expects us to take him to the museum, so I'm sure we will be making a trip back there.

The museum is not the biggest one we have ever been to, but it had a nice mix of displays from Civil War items, John Dillinger's escape from the Allen County jail, and trains to include the John H. Keller Railroad Archives which claims to be one of the largest repositories of railroad history in America.

It is a great place to spend a lazy Sunday evening with your family learning something new or old.
Chloe in the Children's Garden.

Oh, by-the-way, we are in Ohio now just outside of Indiana, waiting on parts for our RV to come in at Fleetwood.  We are getting ready to move again, probably somewhere in Indiana, but who knows for sure.

Until we blog again, God Bless!

Don, Misty, & Kids.


  1. I am certainly glad that you are no longer in LA or other southern areas that met Isaac the last few days.

    It is always good to hear from you. I am frequently wondering just where you are. I enjoy the pictures, commentary and links to the places you visit and information that you share.

    Are you coming home for Christmas? Thought I'd ask now so you'd have plenty of time to think about your answer. :)

    Miss you and love you all.

  2. Sis,

    We too are happy not to be anywhere near any big storms. So far we have been lucky and not in anything too major while living in the RV. First thing I do when staying at a new campground is see where the closest, strongest structure or building is, in case we have to shelter.

    We probably will not be home for Christmas, since I do not want to be anywhere there is a chance of snow or ice while driving the RV. We will do as the snowbirds and head south for the winter. BTW, the only presents we want for us or the kids are gift cards. Clothes can work, but we are so limited on space, if we get new clothes, some old ones will have to go.

    Thanks for the comments and I hope our blog is not too lame or boring. I know it could be a lot better, but I just do not have the time, yet, to spend on it. Right now its main purpose is to keep you all informed of where we are and what we are doing.

    Love you all!

  3. Thanks for the great review. For us "Lima Beaners" the the museum is a treasure and the Shay our crown jewel. Next time you visit be sure to see the Lima Berkshire engine in Lincoln park.