Sunday, September 9, 2012

Huggy Bear

Last month we had to put the RV in service to get some warranty work on items that either quit working or broke in one way or another.  No big deal as anyone who has ever owned a RV will know that a house on wheels has many components and sooner or later, they all need repaired or at least maintained.

For some repairs, like loose stitching on our dinette seats, there had to be an appointment made with the furniture manufacture in order to sew it back up.  So we had to stay close to minimize the miles waiting for the repairs along with waiting for a new DVD player for one of the bunk beds.

Busted stitching on our dinette seat.
Here lately we have been staying close to Decatur, IN, where Fleetwood has its service department, so that we can get anything and everything fixed on the coach while it is still under warranty.

So we are limited to how far we travel as we wait for parts to come in and such.  This past month we stayed at Huggy Bear Campground in Middle Point, OH which was about twenty eight miles from Decatur. 

It was a very nice campground with two pools and two fishing lakes, one of which you could swim in too.  We did not really visit a lot of area attractions other than Solomon Farms, an organic farmer's market in Fort Wayne, IN, and the Allen County Museum. I'm not really sure why, but we just did not have the drive this past month.  I think it has to do with us being tied to an area by events out of our control.

The lake we camped next to at Huggy Bear Campground.  Notice the full moon and its reflection.
We were parked on the second lake at Huggy Bear which is about three years old, so the fish where not that big, even though we still had fun and did catch some nice bluegill.

The other side of the lake we stayed on with a nice sunset.
Here is a closeup of the moon reflecting on the lake we were camping on.  We pretty much had our section of the lake to ourselves since there were never a lot of people fishing it.  During the weekends, the campground was pretty much full of campers, but would become a ghost town during the week.

Full moon reflecting on the lake.
Like I said earlier, there were no trophies in the lake, or at least none that we caught, but we had a lot of fun fishing.  Courtney ended up being the one who caught the most while Ian probably caught the largest bass.

Here is a bass I caught on one of our fishing days.  The RV was only about thirty yards from the edge of the water, so we would fish just about everyday.  I would have the poles lined up on a picnic table behind the RV and would grab one, go cast a few times, and if the fish were biting would fish for a while and if the fish did not bite, would put the poles up and find something else to do.
One of the bass I caught while fishing at Huggy Bear.
Ian did not catch a lot of fish but I would say his bass was the largest one caught.  As you can tell from the picture, he was a little bit scared to hold his catch.

Ian and his bass he caught.
Below is one of the bluegills we caught at the lake.  This one was one of the largest we caught with just a few that were bigger.  There were plenty of smaller ones too, and catching any size fish is always better than none at all.

One of the many bluegill we caught on the lake.
Courtney out fished us all in both bass and bluegill.  She just seems to have a natural knack for fishing and has that golden touch.  She also got pretty good at putting night crawlers on her hook by herself.  After a while they need to learn how to do it so that I'm not always having to do it for them.  With four to five kids fishing, if I have to bait all their hooks all the time, I do not get to fish at all.

They all still need to learn to take the fish off the hooks, but at least getting them to bait their own hooks is a start.

Courtney with one of her many fish caught.
I cannot remember if Tia caught any bass, but here is a shot with one of the bluegills she caught.  All of the kids, with the exception of Chloe, caught some type of fish to include Avery.  When Avery caught his first fish, he reeled it into the bank and upon first glance threw his pole down and ran away.  Later on he got over that fear and would get the fish on the bank.

Tia with a bluegill she caught.
I do not think Ethan was all too happy with Courtney catching more than him, but he will just have to deal with it and either get better or learn to accept it.  He also caught a good many fish and had a good time, which is what it is all about.

Ethan releasing one of his bass he caught.
Of course every fish we caught was released back into the lake to be caught again.  Luckily, even though we caught most of them on worms, only a few swallowed the hook which made us have to cut the line so they could be released without killing them.  So no fish that we caught were killed.

Huggy Bear Campground was fun and we had a good time, but now it is time to move to a new location, which I will blog about at  a later time.

God bless and may you and yours be safe.

Don, Misty, & Kids.


  1. Sure gonna miss you guys! Glad the kids and I were able to spend a little more time with you though!

  2. We are probably going to come down to Bluffington later on to get more warranty work done on the RV at Fleetwood. I'm sure we can arrange some type of play date or something so the we all can see each other again. Don

  3. The park looks nice and well maintained. Ill keep it in mind once we are in that state.

  4. It was one of the nicer parks we have stayed at so far. The only thing we did not like about it was you have to pay the electric at the end of your stay along with the lot rent, when you rent for 30 days or more. Our Fleetwood Discovery 40G with 3 air conditioners, cost us an extra $194.00 for the month.