Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post It

I guess it is time for me to do another post so you will not forget about us and know we are still doing OK.  Some weeks we do very little of interest so it makes it hard to post about anything.  Other times I have plenty to write about, but just do not feel like doing it, for some reason or another.

Some days run smooth with me working out of the RV and Misty doing the kids schooling.  Then, other days run rough and it seems no matter what we try, nothing works out properly.

Yesterday Tia decided she was not going to do her reading, or any school work for that matter, and would just sit and cry.  All she wanted to do was either go outside or stay in and play with her Barbie.  It finally took Misty putting what little toys we have in the RV into a storage container and threatening to take them out and give to Goodwill or some other charity, for Tia to start to do her work.

The other day we were at Graber Farms, an organic farm, visiting and Tia found a kitten that she took quite a fancy to.   Needless to say, leaving the kitten behind crushed Tia so much that we had to  listen to her cry for approximately 25 minutes. 

Ian, Courtney, Avery, & Tia petting a kitten at Graber Farms.
Tia is not the only one who gives us fits, but she has taken her fair share here lately.

Another item that makes it hard to post at times is the Wi-Fi that is available.  The best scenario is using Wi-Fi at the park rather than my Verizon wireless card which only allows 10GB of data a month.  It is not uncommon for me to go over my data limit when I have to rely only upon my wireless card.  

The problem with most RV parks' Wi-Fi though is that there is not enough bandwidth and it gets really slow, especially in the evenings when everyone gets on the Internet.

Then there is the wireless card, that limits you on how much you can download.  Some people have unlimited accounts due to being grandfathered, but they still get you by throttling once you hit a certain point such as 5 or 10 GB.

But enough about the woes of posting while living in an RV.  These are just excuses that I have to justify why I do not post everyday or on a set schedule.

Today is another beautiful day that we are lucky to have.  The temperature of the air is cool, but the Sun is so warm.  As long as the Sun is shinning on you, you are not cold.

Looking out the front window of the RV on a beautiful day.
Last Saturday we went to the Nappanee Apple Festival in Nappanee, Indiana which claims to be one of the largest festivals in the state.

I can not vouch for the largest claim, but I can tell you that if you buy 2 corn dogs, two onion rings, and 2 Philly cheese subs the total is $34.00, which was more than I feel it was worth.  

Carmel apples were $4.00 while a large bag of cotton candy was $7.00, not to mention the $2.00 bottle of water.  It could be worse and I guess it still was not as expensive as some amusement parks, but when you are buying for eight, the expenses really add up quickly.

Misty, Chloe, Ethan, Ian, Avery, Courtney, Tia, & Adam the Apple.
Carrying on the tradition of visiting  places featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, we visited our second dive, the South Side Soda Shop & Diner located in Goshen, Indiana, this past weekend.  

We were a little disappointed in the food and atmosphere which made us wonder if the quality was less than when Guy made his visit.   I guess the true test of a restaurant is whether or not you would eat there again, and in the case of this one, we probably would not.  Who knows, someone else may think it is the best place on Earth to eat.

Courtney, Ethan, Tia, Chloe, Don, & Misty (In reflection) at South Side Soda Shop.

A shot of South Side Soda Shop & Diner from Franklin Street.
There are still plenty of sites to see and things to visit upon our few remaining weekends in Indiana.  Such as Fall Festivals scheduled throughout Sept and Oct.

Another neat thing that happened this past week was us being asked to pose for a pool shot for the KOA campground we are staying at.  They wanted a good looking family for the photo, but since we were the only family around, they ended up asking us.  I'm kidding of course.

So here in about a month myself, Ethan, Courtney, Tia, Ian, & Avery will be on this KOA's website posing by the pool.  Misty was not in the shot due to being sick in bed and Chloe was taking a nap.  Once I get a link to the add, I will be sure to post it to the blog.

That's it for this time around, so may God bless you, your family and friends.

Don, Misty, & Kids.


  1. Trystan thanks you for the post cards.

  2. We will get an AL one to her sometime since we missed that state. It may not be until we visit that state again though. We are happy she likes them.

  3. Glad you are having nice weather for your adventures. There should be enough apple, pumpkin and fall festivals around to keep you busy all fall.
    I enjoyed the story about the kids' fishing experiences. Sounds like Courtney is the one to follow in Uncle Joe's footsteps.
    Stay safe and keep the news coming. We love you and miss you.

  4. We will be in soon to see Braelynn and can also visit with the rest of the family. We will probably stay at the Fox Fire KOA in Milton, so you and Joe can come by and see the RV.

    We love and miss you all too!